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Hey again,
great to hear you get that oldschool xcom feeling. Thats exactly what we were aiming for :)

7) The Worldmap will feature free real time movement, just like Mount and Blade for example.
8) We try to get the best transition as possible from worldmap to tactical combat, so rivers and crossings will be in there as well.
9) Yes there will. Huge mountains and all kinds of lakes will be impassable.
10) It’s not implemented yet but we are planning on having three-way battles. So if you enter combat with two already fighting parties you will share the battlefiled with them. Remember, monsters are not automatically “allied” so there could also be werwolves fighting bandits or undead or whatever.
11) You can join a battle of humans vs monsters and help them out. Whether that will actually take place on/in the buildings itself has to be seen, as it’s a bit complicated to realize buildings and indoors with our graphics engine. But we’ll figure it out eventually, it would be great to have.
12) I have to discuss that with my fellow battle brothers on the team. The good thing about steam is, that is saves us all the legal issues with payment. But we’ll discuss.

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