Reply To: Reqeuest regarding the new build

Avatar photozolw

Ok. I will do my best to clarify.
Before goblin faction was introduced in the latest (to the best of my knowledge) build of the game, when your brothers leveled up, you would choose three skills to raise and depending on your luck, they would go up for between 2-5 points. With the goblin build, different skills seemed to have been locked into certain level up value no matter how many times you tried. Ranged attack would always go up 3 points, but melee attack was locked on +2 every time you tried to raise it for every single brother. That meant that with 10 levels to gain, the maximum you could raise your melee attack skill was +20.
That is why I am hoping for the return of the former level up formula. I hope that makes it clearer to understand what I actually wish for :)