Reply To: Cool New Ideas & Some Old Ones Too

Avatar photoscaryned

Cool list

1 totally agree

2 unless the weapon receives a severe decrease in damage an is only available as level up skill, this would be very over powered.

3 totally agree, possibly available for the next update.

4 totally agree. Although farm hands and lumber Jacks shouldn’t know a single thing about combat.

5 maybe… although the difficulty level for monsters works by preying on the small and avoiding the impossible. More levels would be fun, but may get overpowered at some point.

6 I mentioned this at some point as well. With some coding trickery you can get 4 ‘units’ to move as 1, acting like a single massive unit. Dragons would be a good place to start with. Also, ‘puny’ orc warlord??? You must play a lot of DF to have Co Jones that big.

7 totally agree


Also, don’t worry about dev/com relationship. Regardless of untapped potential or not, this will be an awesome game.