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have you considered letting the player continue to level up the stats (even just by a tiny amount each time) after level 11?

Yes, just like you mentioned we considered unlimited levels with smth like 1 skillpoint per level, similar to Diablo3s Paragon levels. I think this will be decided during the updcoming perk rework.

My second contract was to stop the harassments of a settlement. it was 6+ direwolves. Vs a bunch of level 1 & 2 mercs. They slaughtered me. When I finally beat them my next contract was to clear some bandits. Lowest count in all the restarts was 9 of them of which several were in chain and always 3+ xbows. Needless to say it didnt go over well. If I knew they were going to be “very hard” fights I would have skipped both for easier ones to build my team up.

This shouldnt be happening. Contract difficulty is scaling with your reknown and the average level of your mercs. what difficulty are you playing on?

Militia is way too strong in autoresolve. They are eating alive orc raiders. Is it intended so?

I will check in on that. Militia got buffed compared to the previous build so they can effetively guard their settlements, but shouldnt be absolutely overpowered. Their power will fall off through the course of the game though, as roaming parties scale up over time.

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