Reply To: New update: Relations degrading too fast

Avatar photomrbunnyban

I don’t think that would be too high… But then again I don’t know how much you actually get for a contract (my guess is that it varies)…

But as I said, i spent maybe 30 or so days on trying to get the reputation up, and it’s already back to neutral, and some of the settlements / cities are not even visible in my factions tab… So I would think that the degradation is faster than 1 point every 2 days… Or maybe it’s a bug for me. Who knows.

It really depends on what the numbers look like. If an early successful contract gives 10 influence, then a decay of 1 point per 2 days is seriously too high. If you get 30 points though, then the decay is okay or maybe too low. I guess that the lack of transparency in how much influence you are getting and how much is decaying also makes players uncertain how much they have to work at influence and changes our expectations. So more transparency may help a bit.

I’ll try to work at faction influence and compare my experiences next to yours. That is what early access is for, after all.