Reply To: A bit too much.

Avatar photoMeeky

Well, the undead should still have vampires. Vampires + necromancers + ghosts + fallen knights = a really dangerous battle. I’ve fought something similar to that before. I couldn’t beat it at the time. But in my current game (which is over 80 days now), I haven’t fought any vampires, ghosts, or fallen knights, and those are the most dangerous things in the present undead retinue.

It’s ghouls specifically that need some sort of ringleader. They’re easy to kill / drive off, which is good, but there should be situations where they’re incredibly dangerous, and I really haven’t seen a situation like that crop up.

I can’t say whether or not goblins need rebalancing right now. I’ve fought them lots of times before this update, but in my present game I’ve only encountered wolfriders.