Reply To: The Dagger Game

Avatar photoSky

Only the secound ability does ignore armor.

Was nicely surprised when attacked some bandits thugs with a fairly good equipped team and one of them just easily killed off my heavy soldier.

Was trying to make a dagger guy but no matter how I tried there were much more efficient other weapons, be that an assault role, a light scout, or even archers, much more useful to have a blunt weapon on them to stun and step back if lacking the perk. With 3 AP per attack you could use the dagger three times in a round, making it competible with the rest of the weapons damage wise. I’d even say only making the first skill be 3ap might be enought. Do not forget however that the enemy will be able to do that aswell. And many bandits have daggers at the low lvl that would make the game definitely more hard. At this moment the time period where the daggers are a reasonable choice is too short at the very beginning of the game.

Now after this update im willing to try a dagger guy with a net and maybe a hound. It just might work out. Especially with more than one net. Will be costly but should take care of heavy infantry pretty easily while the hound binds possible incomings.