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You are right, the merc on the left has turned his head a little too far to be looking at the city. I started out with him facing the city directly but it looked kinda awkward with the mail coif if you cant see anything of the face.
I also liked the pipe on the sitting merc, but was a little hesitant because it may have looked relaxed or peaceful :)

In my opinion you had it spot-on on the picture with the smoking merc.
All three looking at the city, would have had a sense of unity, although they appear to be quite different characters(due to their different poses and by association their mindsets), they have a common goal.
With the sitting merc smoking it has a semblance of calm, the calm before the storm considering the dark, overcast sky, and underneath a peaceful town(smoke rising from the chimneys) making me think they will have to do an inglorious job there, in this unsuspecting town. And now they are resting for the last time, but there are no jokes, no talking, just pondering: Will we make it; How many will survive this time; Will I survive; Is it really worth it? Considering the castle and only some sunrays breaking through the clouded sky, there is little hope for success.

Heres what I have been working on yesterday (still wont be shown officially until tomorrow, so keep quiet ?
A new look for the Direwolves (formerly known as werewolves)

What drove those fellas mad? Did they got their heads banged too hard?

Apart from that I just started work on the combat tiles. Nothing spectacular to show yet as I start out with repainting the old tiles (grass etc).

Don’t let us wait a month again.^^