Reply To: Different parties should have different speeds on the world map

Avatar photodltoster

Agree that except when surrounded in ambush now i can retreat with ease. That seems not right for situation when we were caught by enemy.
Possible solution, except obvious surround, which works good, but for ambushes only, is to get intact with some swift enemy in first turn. So if i chose to run for our lives it means a sacrifice of someone. When real adult mercenaries hijack my baby company, there were pair of wardogs with that mission.
But i ask not to involve in such preset obstacles founding members of a company, first 3 in list. For roleplay i try to keep them alive.
Sorry for my english, not my fluent language.
Once i managed to escape 2 vs 8-10 enemies in surround :) But that is rare option, godd for roleplay, such moments to remember.