Reply To: Feedback v. 6.0.13

Avatar photokingslomein

I have started 2 games so far. I’m enjoying both! Loving the new patch.

In my first game, the beginning quest was on a small island. I was worried until i realized my brothers could just walk across over to the island. Must have been shallow enough I guess. I will say in that in my first game it seems every city/town I go to there is always one or two quests. In my second game right off the bat I noticed a scarcity of quests. I had to travel past 4 city/towns in order to find my first quest after the starter. I play on challenging difficulty on both.

Overall I’m really happy with the game so far, and love the new patch.

At first I thought the goblins were way to over powered. But the more I play the more I realize how to counter them. Now they aren’t so bad. My 10 Brothers just fought 2 goblin camps back to back with not a single loss, being out numbered each time.