Reply To: Combat feedback (angry and annoyed)

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thank you to everyone who replied. I have calmed down alot now, I was very mad earlier.

Sorry for the way I phrased a lot of my complaints, it was very harsh.

I do love 90% of this game, its just SO FRUSTRATING to see small things in it cause such large disruption to otherwise amasing game play.

I did not forget about war dogs, its just they tend to get shot and die before they can catch the archer/bolter.

One thing I forgot to mention is the 12 man squad limit….. WHY???? I am fighting armies of ~30 men, not even including resurrected enemies who come back. Why can I not hire more than 12 ??? its just not realistic.

Things I would love to see in this game:
Castle or stronghold assault missions inside buildings ect.
The ability to buy horses to mount and carts to pull extra loot and storage.
Custom armour colours and insignia.
Voiced dialog from my men in-game, just like the orcs do.
Enchantment slots for weapons and armour.
Accessory slots for rings/necklaces and bracelets for the brother for mini perks :D