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I would also like to say a formation option for your brothers instead of a line would be on my wish list having them appear in one long line is getting stupid

combat is always the players as the defender (unless you are a goblin, then you can sit there and get butchered all you like), atleast some minimal formation settings would be nice two rows, wedge, square something other than a line, it would make it far more interesting

Crossbows are in no way as bad as you think, they were back then the assault rifle of weapons and come across as deadly as they do for a reason, i think they have got them spot on.

the game is frustrating op think you have equal amounts of nerd rage than i do sometimes, last night my heavily armed gang got mugged by goblins while camping, the last running goblin archer made a run for it, i pinned him down with an advanced brother, the thing knifed my full health heavily armoured guy in one round to make a run for it off the map, this was the most annoying thing, it was like my guy lifted his shirt and said hit here, this same brother took on 4 or 5 orcs and survived only to be shanked my some green midget on the run

also it anyone has not encountered mercenaries just wait.. oh look at that guy he claims to be a sword master… oh oh dear there goes another brother