Reply To: Magic: keeping up with the AI?

Avatar photoSky

You seem to be all over the place. I suggest you read the game description and the faq for starters to see the vision behind the game and the world by the dev team. It is not about being against your suggestions but helping you to see why they won’t fit in the game since they are soo far away from the current setting.

There is no rock papper scissor, there is no one perk that wins the game. Never was and never will be. There are tactics and perk-background-equip symbiosis that you can use to your advantage in your battle play.

Your party might have been monks, mine never was. You also seem to confuse reality with gameplay mechanics. You can RP anyhow you want, want it to be super realistic, don’t use the pocket perk or don’t equip so much stuff.

You want to know how a human is different from an AI with limited algorithms and scripts? In BB each of the factions each of the enemy type or rather party has its own tactical style that it will go for. Zs will just swarm you without remorse, basically jumping on your pikes relentlesly till all are dead. That is how they are programmed to. You as a human, as the leader of your mercanaries have to understand that it is not a valid tactik for you, I hope, and use different means and formations, manouvers, baits to win the fights. You can make same example for all the other factions there. The difference is that YOU have a choise of how to fight the enemy while theirs is predetermined.