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The next one is about the tactical AI aswell. This is a caravan mission battle. Strangely enought we passed two groups of enemies both 6 strenght standing right next to the road, just to be then attacked by the spawn troops on a town hex. In the battle we are losing and at some point one of the men broke and started to flee. At the same time the bandit whos kill triggered the morale check became brave. But just as my broken one this brave one started to retreat too. While having more than enought hp, and hightened morale state. The arrow points toward my man offscreen right the opposite direction from where the raider is running to. After that the blue circle killed off my other man and for some reason started to retreat aswell leaving two basically dead brothers as winners of the fight. It is right the opposite to the no fear orcs charging a six times stronger enemy, the at least four times stronger enemy retreated for no reason at all in a winning battle. My offscreen unit has 4hp left and no armor whatsoever.
Now the AI simply “cheats”. As seen in the screen shot there is a highlighted enemy archer who shot one of my men who was in bushes. They supposed to be invisible if no enemy unit is right next to them. And there is none. There was at the beginning of the turn but was killed. The moment the enemy died this unit should have become invisible again as it happens with the enemy units, instead for some reason it is still visible for the AI. This happens only if the consealed unit attacked before the enemy. When moving to the bush or between them the AI seems not to react at all.