Reply To: Feedback v. 6.0.14 – Orc contracts

Avatar photomrbunnyban

just for “to think about”
difficulty – a challenge
for this contract with my attitude at the fraction +70 I was offered 2140 crowns
2 brothers 10 level killed (and believe me – they can not be not to lose) during the fight excluding halberds and two-handed ax all rest weapons was broken, including 2 named and all shields.
Now attention is the question : of whether I’ll ever more job to the orcs in the game without a save/load? 100% no

Hrm. Equipment looks okay, have high ground, mix of troops is pretty balanced. No fault on Rusbear’s part.

Fighting 17 orcs including 1 named warlord and at least 3 berserkers. That’s pretty hefty.

Yeah, thinking about it, orcs drop terrible loot generally too. 2140 crowns is a pittance to go up against orc forces like that.