Reply To: Strategies for making use of overly restrictive perks?

Avatar photoTimotheus

My thoughts for “Push the advantage”

– If you plan to stun a lot, you might want to give it to your billhook-fighters. They can concentrate their attacks on a single stunned target (while your frontline combatants are locked into place and can’t)
– If you use the perk, consider giving the battlebrother a lot of initiative, so he has more control on when to attack
– If you feel really experimental, use “Push the advantage” to set off the accuracy penalty of the “puncture” skill. Have one battlebrother use the “Rally” skill all the time, so you can “puncture” and “knock out” more often. For your stabbers, aim for perks from the offensive tree like “Fast Adaption” and “Full force” or fatigue perks from the utility tree. Destroying enemy armour is bothersome and cuts into your profits, doesn’t it? :)