Reply To: Weapons that NEED to be in this game.

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Ok this is getting out of hand. ^^
My full support for the bastard sword and the halberd! (Halberd is love, Halberd is live)
But with the muskets and claws I agree that they would not fit into the game somehow. Maybe for goblins something like thorns for their hands if they have no more weapons.
But the ranged variation could be done with things like a: Light Crossbow. 2 AP less to reload so you can travel one field more but less damage. Or a “real” Arbalest, which was heavier and thus could need a full round to reload and maybe travel one field but does extremely more damage through/against armor.
For bows, different kinds of arrows. Bodkin arrows for more damage against/through armor. (A longbowman with bodkin arrows and no orc warrior will ever annoy you again.)
A composite bow. (More penetration with less (fatigue) effort than the short and hunting bow.)
The masterwork bow is the only one to look like a composite bow so far, if i remember right, but that’s not important right now.
And the slings, like thorismund mentioned, would be great for early game and against non- or only light-armoured opponents. (Like bandit thugs or some goblins.)