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Reluctant Ravens

They recently became the RETIRED Ravens after we amassed over 130K crowns. (NORMAL mode! I’m NOT a military genius!)

Currently, I’ve revived the Craven Crows. Those poor bastards have been slaughtered to a man at least 4 times before the major update broke the save games, so I figured I’d give ’em another chance.

Background: 3 survivors trying to keep alive long enough to “retire comfortably” and also trying to keep those poor bastards dumb enough to join them alive as long as they can. As life wasn’t fair to the founders, they see no reason to make things worse for those who share the same fate. Expect them to try to repair wagons, and rescue caravans. They never ever take a job involving burning out peasants. That’s how they ended up as Craven Crows in the first place.

BEFORE the update, I used to run a rather long lived group known as Davkuls Darlings that only allowed cultists and sometimes the odd rat-catcher. Since the update, cultists are too few and far between. I spent well over a week trying to find enough cultists for the first job. I also ran a mixed cultist / flagellant group. That might work better since the big change. FWIW, was the present rarity of cultists an intentional change? It’s just that I took a weirdly perverse amusement at the arguments between the 2 groups!

I rather like “Harm’s Way”, and wish I’d thought of that one.

I also have no problem dumping a starting 3 if the archer doesn’t have at least a 45 … besides the annoyance of having to go through the starting battle so many times. (did you know that your starting 3 CANNOT DIE? And that the weasel guy CANNOT BE KILLED? … plot control, I guess.) … and yes, I would like a preview of the founders, too.

In a single player game, there's no such thing as cheating. It's merely "creative manipulation of the default settings"!