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Very nice, very nice.

Heres a preview of the inventory/roster screen. That sucker really needed a lot of work.

Does that mean this is the final look of the inventory/roster screen?
There is pretty much brown without a structure on the roster part, the stash and the equipment part.I think, that is a little problematic. Is it supposed to be hide or leather stretched over a wood frame? After some inspection that’s what I would guess.

One also can see 18 slots for mercs. Does that mean there will be up to 12 mercs fighting and 6 will be in reserve, since it was said that one won’t be able to control more than 12 on a battlefield?
Will one be able to decide how much of your mercs have to fight or will always 12 mercs fight, if one has 12 at least?
And the tent slots are for camp followers; up to 9 one can have?

That would make sense, but I decided to have the same border for alle injury icons to tell them apart from the other icons like traits and backgrounds.

I thought something like that, that their look is supposed to be unified.

While some of the former temporary blunt injuries depicted bruises, the updated image shows only bone fractures.
Are those icons supposed to display the same degree of damage, where the only difference is their source? If so, I would say the blunt injury icons should display bruises rather than fractures, because in my understanding a fracture is more severe than a cut or a stab wound and takes longer to heal.