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Okay so I’m really glad I got this on the recent steam sale and must say it was money well invested, a couple of thing I would love to see

-rivers, fords, Bridges & tollways
rivers and aren’t much of a thing and would be a massive improvement in the game and add some great decisions to the game, do you pay the often expensive and draining toll the local nobles demand to take the safest route to your destination or do you search the river for a ford to cross and risk bandits and others wordly horrors to save your coin?

(prehaps also on closer sections of Shoreline near the sea as well)

-Mountain passes
passes through the smaller mountain sections that are slightly faster than simply treking across the snowy peaks but are often bandit/orc/goblin ridden and treacherous to boot

-A fog of war system
Currently my greatest annoyance which speaks for itself, a grey overlay would do fine IMO

-world map fatigue/The need to camp
men can only march so far before needing to camp and to march or not to march should be a question on the world map, do you march all night and have your men weary in the hopes of reaching your destination or to perhaps outrun the orcs pursuing you or do you camp and have your men lick their wound and rested at the expense of a possible ambush?

(perhaps the exhaustion of your men is determined by the average of your companies max fatigue)

-world map strategy and warfare
warfare is a sellswords bread and butter and I’d LOVE to see the houses occasionally raise forces to attack one another’s holdings or even hopefully pitched battles against one another.

Finally one of the most important things I’d like to see is more strategic decisions rather than tactical ones maybe a separate perk system for your company in regards to strategic skills such as the ability to attack your opponent during the night, or ambush them on the road perhaps being able to move a little faster or slower at the cost of fatigue or vice versa allowing your men to heal a little quicker on the move.

anyway I look forward to this develops and have nothing but the best wishes for you guys who work so hard on this game for us consumers!

P.S Mercenary Tax