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Avatar photoWargasm

New items all look great, even though they dont really fit into my strategy. The 1 handed spear in particular seems very very pricey for what it offers. It costs like military grade weapon, but doesnt really match their power, mixed feelings.

But hey. its definitely a step in right direction. We need more content, even more items and specially more enemy variations (different types of enemies within same factions).

Yeah, the other new weapons are mostly great, but the spear’s a disappointment: astronomically more expensive; only does an extra 2.5 damage versus the boar spear; only as effective versus armour as the boar one was before; also a little more fatiguing to use. Better to save the money for a magical sword that’s unusually effective against armour.

The War-Bow’s not too exiting, either. It’s just a modest linear upgrade from the hunting one, but there’s nothing to make it as appealing as a crossbow. With the War-Bow you can (if you hit) do an average of 72 damage (not very effective against armour) to an enemy once per turn, with a +10% chance to hit so long as you don’t move at all. With the new (much cheaper) light crossbow, you can (if you hit) do an average of 40 damage (much more effective against armour) to an enemy TWICE per turn, with a +20% chance to hit, and you can move before or between shots and shoot the same enemy or two different ones, and/or prime yourself for your next turn. No contest.

I think the new 2-tile Long-Axe is going to take away any purpose of the Fighting Axe, since the latter is c. 3 times more expensive and is not able to smash a standard shield in a single turn without wasting a perk on Crusher. My new companies are going to have a lot of quick-handers armed with longaxes, pikes, crossbows and back-up swords and shields.