Reply To: Lack of endgame challange

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But what if you became caught up in an internal struggle between the townsfolk and the nobles of an allied town? What if the peasants asked you to protect them against other mercenaries who had taken pay from a noble house to act as bandits? What if some “stronghold” a noble house had paid you to raze turned out to be occupied by some semi-starved dissenting faction? What if you were paid to rescue some noble’s daughter from bandits but she then revealed to you the horrors of her home life and begged you to protect her from it?

There are some outcomes from contracts that make you break them. I assume there will be more in the future, when contracts’ part gets proper attention (it has been already said it will, after some other stuff will be done first).

One of them was sparing grave robbers to get location of hidden treasures. That way I found some unique loot and probably got more money than I would have otherwise been paid by the quest giver.

Another, which did involve noble houses, was escorting the caravan. It so happened that this particular caravan was about escorting a prisoner who made me an offer to break him free and escort to his family’s citadel instead of going with my original task.

I do wonder what could have happened if I did not agree to help him… Perhaps there would be fight with noble house’s regular troops? Or troops would be masqueraded as bandits? Or bounty hunters would attack? Or would it be just a regular “escort caravan” mission with some random enemies? Sadly there was no battle with the original escort (you beat them quickly in the event, which does make sense as you are hired as a regular escort) so saving the guy was a fairly easy task of walking to the quest point for a quite significant reward and relation boost.