Reply To: Orc Warrior's Blood Spiller

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Bro, calm down. All the items should be listed and not just noted. This helps players progress with builds. Not every weapon carries the same stats and in a game where hit points are minimal it makes a big deal to those who understand tactics.

Bottom line is dont just assume people look at the notes, take the time to make a correct wiki and not half ass info.

Are you mentally challenged?
Let me explain then.
The Unique/Named items with red fog/background(it used to be a blue) are randomly generated. Their stats are based on highest tier of specific weapons type with some random +/- variations.
Name is randomly generated too.
You can find the same weapon that have same look and even have the same name but have different stats.
Making separated pages for any randomly generated weapon would be stupid waste of time but if you really think that its necessary that you can do it yourself.
Wiki is made by some guys in their spare time and in fluid state as game still is in the early access.
Can you do better? Great. If not then at last learn to read.