Reply To: Two Handed-Weapons?

Avatar photoSarissofoi

Overall there is little reason to use 2 handers builds other than xbow/pike builds that support main battle line from behind.
Still I use Zwainhanders build as I wrote before mostly because I like heads flying. They can be effective especially against softer enemies because they can dish more damage thanks to AoE and if enemy die fast he can’t hurt your guys but overall nimble builds are better in melee and shieldbearers better as main line.
Offensive nimble build can not only have great melee survivality but also dish serious damage thanks to Full Force and Double grip. Its even better because Full Force apply to 2 attacks and he is hard to hit so bonus from it is mostly stay whole fight.
But back to the topic.
There is 3 categories of 2 handers troops.
1. backliners – they are suppose to fight from 2nd row and often use xbow as oppening, they should go 6-Off/4-Utt, Offensive tree grant them solid bonus to damage, when utility either grant them fearsome or brawny for more sweet Full force bonus if soldier have low fatigue
In short its all offence with no defence. Main level up stats are Melee Skill, Ranged Skill, Fatigue. Heavy armour should protect from arrows and main tanks with Indomitable from Orcs. Pikes, long axes, billhooks plus xbows. If more oriented on ranged carry more xbows and get ranged perk instead of Full force, can wear lighter armour.
Overall they are the ones that are worth using and do great.
2. AoE flankers – they are suppose to fight on flanks using Great Swords with AoE attacks, 6-Off/4-Deff offer solid damage and survivality but low fatigue. Hold out is essential for bonus hit chance and defence stats. Can be train as 4-Utt instead or 4-Deff for more flexibility as they can carry variety of weapons and shields but they really need that defence perks for close combat. Berserk and Full Force can greatly increase damage but its also cost fatigue so either invest heavy or have hornblowers/sergeants nearby.
Great swords are great for this role as they have 2 AoE attacks and solid damage. Warbrands have to low damage to compensate lost survivality compared to Nimble Builds.
Hammers are also great thanks to bonus effects.
Axes not really as they lack reliable AoE and can’t be supported or protected by your other soldiers if you want to use it.
I personally like them but they are not the best. Can die easily if not supported.
3. axemans – build similar to AoE flankers but armed with orc big Axes, mainly used for shield destruction and single target damage, obsolete as there you can make backliners armed with Long Axes so no need to risk soldier on front line. Also their main use is against orcs against their shields and armour but then again 1 handers do better job on front line.

For two handers you want to grab berserk for 2nd attack/turn. Then Full force and Killing frenzy is too good to miss. QuickHands and BegBelts look great but then soldier can’t go into Defence tree and grab Hold out and its important for close combat ones. Still if you use Quick hands and free shield swap it can be worth sometimes.
Tried to make 2 handers with out going deep into Offence tree but then their defence is still low and damage is much lower. Not worth.