Reply To: My ideas. (Sorry for my English)

Avatar photoHarry_Krishnaa

Need to say… i like each one of your ideas!! a lot of improvements! you realy thought about it.

would be nice to get it as graphical option possibilities. .. so you can use it on own like/need.

Those are most needfull i think (my favorites ;) )

The first idea. Add button. It shows the general state of the entire detachment of the screen. It is necessary to immediately see the status of the entire group. Are they injured and the condition of their armor. Also, add a button in the menu => Send in the reserve. (If a mercenary in a very bad

->The first idea. In the battle, when a lot of people, it is difficult to disassemble their own and others. I propose to make a stroke (outline, aura) for mercenaries, allies and enemies.<-