Reply To: Add more levels!

Avatar photoMike


I was supporter of more levels back when perks were divided into trees as we were pretty much forced to pick at least some that we didn’t want. With the latest update the system is very flexible and there is just enough points to make various specialists without going into OP territory.

I want at least 20 perks or ideally unlimited perks […] all upgrades should at least be +3 […] at least 4 attributes each time.

Would you also like an “I win button” added? Seems like a logical conclusion ;]
On a more serious note a lot of the actual game is making decision on how to spend limited resources, perks and attributes included. Removing those limits would undermine all the efforts at making a challenging and interesting game. If you would simply like to test your ideas I think such unlimited development of characters would belong to some kind of a separate “sanbox” or “custom scenario” mode.