Reply To: First feedbacks after last update (new skills and injuries)

Avatar photospamtaboo

Hello Guys!

First of let me join a warm wave of cheering and congratulate you on yet another huge step in this game. It feels amazing. I am already on turn 101 and the game is still very interesting. You did an amazing job and created a beautiful game with tremendous potential for replay-ability. Now to the point:

1. I will join guys requesting info about injury when you hover over the enemy’s injury pic.
2. I have encountered an odd behaviour with the Knee Cap injury. First of I am pretty sure I healed it in the temple and yet it still showed 3-5 days to heal. Second on the first turn of the battlebrother who used to have it, I still got an extra stamina spent after that it was fine.
3. Not all weapon skills are present, i.e. no specialization for 1h swords. It would be great to add spec for orc chain, etc.

I got the company of hardened brothers (8th lvl) and decided to take three sculls contract on greenskins. Only half of the men survived. The game is as challenging as ever, loving every moment of it.