Reply To: Ideas for a "Full Experience"

Avatar photoRap

Yes, the limit of 12 Battle Brothers is still in place. It’ll probably stay around that for battles but we want to remove or at least double the hard limit on how many men you can have with you on the worldmap once we have the time to do a proper UI for roster selection (think starting line up for a football/soccer team). Having more than 12 men available will become more important as we expand the injury system in the future, as this will allow you to rotate injured Battle Brothers who need a bit of time to recover from their wounds.

I actually had that same idea about being able to buy a round or two of beer for your Battle Brothers in a tavern for a chance to raise their moale in the short-term. Trying this too often would run the risk of them suffering from the negative effects of alcohol. Sadly I wasn’t able to convince anyone that this spectacular feature was worth investing time into for the Early Access release ;)

A renown system is something we’re considering to add later on as it would open up a bunch of new gameplay possibilities and solve some minor balancing problems for us.

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