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Avatar photogepardowaty

Those new “ancients” are looking freaking cool. Same with the banners.
With all the new zombies, ancient dead and other stuff, necromancers and vamps look pretty outdated.
How about a little vampire rework? Maybe introducing few different species of bloodsuckers? You know, some kind of strigoi, nosferatus and more “human-like” ones with grand equipment and supernatural skills. That would definitely justify a place for more future female characters on the enemy side :>
I’m not talking about addition of 10 different clans or some other twillight bullshit, but just a few different species with unique abillities(like in eg. The Witcher)
That would definitely change Vampires to become their own, scary faction. Also, battle events with vampires that could be filled with thralls (simple humans) who serve them. For now they are really… “meh”.

IMO that would make all the monster hunting even more diverse. Plus, just imagine the equipment you could draw for those more “civilized”, aristocratic vampires. :P