Reply To: me lord said that he is sick of walking

Avatar photoHanekem

Well, Horses were expensive, warhorses moreso, they need food and care and training, if wounded might need to be put down and if they fall in battle they might be pinning the rider, making him an easy target.
I’d love to have Horses in the company, even if the FAQ says it is unlikely, but only if they are properly implemented (with all the associated costs and dangers that go with horsemanship) mostly it’d be a great tool to do a pursuit (honestly after the pike, a charge against a spear-wall is not a good idea) or to hunt archers. (less full armor knight on horseback and more light cav)

That said, even if we don’t get em, they should be in the setting, and belong to the noble factions’ arsenal (both as elite shock troops and scouts/harassers)