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I didn’t think about the horn thing but you have a good point. Once horns are added they do look more like demons then ghouls. Maybe if they didn’t have the horns then. I just wish there was another enemy to use them on cause they are so badass. Maybe make a necromancer lord or a boss who can summon demons. Also I feel like in a world with orcs and goblins its strange to not have elves and dwarves. I know it would change the gritty flavor of the game but maybe a small remnant of their dying races that you have only a small chance to encounter. Like if there was only one dwarf cave that you can help or destroy and make them disappear forever, and like wise for a elf forest dwelling. Helping would maybe open up limited but regular to trade for rare items and harming would give a onetime great reward but no more when they are wiped out.