Reply To: Some conceptual ideas

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The fog of war feature you described would be really nice imo. Maybe an extra layer that “regenerates” fog of war and would be able to toggle on or off. At least being able to check the current view range would be very helpful when using mountains to scout a big area.

@weapon attachments certainly would be an immersive feature especially if it was dynamic. If some farmer keeps using a sword, eventually he would become better with it compared to when using an axe. I doubt that this would have high priority though, maybe a small addition after the release?

Some sort of a “farm” or temporary retirement for some of my men. A place where I could retain a couple of them and, let’s say, give them only half their pay for the duration. I can’t really experiment with different formations and tactics when the majority of my team is locked into a specific role (e.g. heavy swordman – brawny colossus shield expert and swordmaster) and I can’t let them go without permanently losing them. This again comes back to the idea of some kind of a base camp…

So far all the responses I read about this topic were dismissive. Something along the lines of “there will be no basecamp”. And I do understand why. Allthough it might not fit the lore, a storage feature would be an immense quality of life improvement. Some sort of bank where I could just drop my uniques because it would pain me to sell them. Leave some of my guys in town (say a temple or an inn) to heal while I take the rest and deliver this shady crate to the next village.
This is just speculation, but maybe the veteran’s hall will be featuring something like this?

In any case, I just want to stress that the inventory and roster are too small, especially late game. Maybe we could get a feature to expand the inventory for some crowns? I am a hoarder of shinies and nice things in all video games so having to sell my crafted direwolf hide armor really is frustrating to me. I would rather put it on a mannequinn instead.

Also I would like to suggest a respec feature for perks. It happened to me a few times that I learned the wrong perk on accident, mostly mix up dodge with anticipation because they look similar. On another occasion I tried out a 2-Handed axe build because I found this insane unique axe. Sadly my guy ended up having only 90 melee skill on lv11 which is enough for a 2h sword but not quite enough for an axe (because of accuracy modifiers). This is where changing the weapon mastery would come in really handy. Maybe generate a “respec point” every 100 days the guy is in the company.