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Avatar photoDanubian

Please dont encourage them with this DLC talk, the game aint even out yet :P

But i agree with the rest wholeheartedly.

The game now has a bunch of medium to high tier unique weapons and armors that are awesome. Literally 0 complaint there.

But IMO what we need now are unique and extremely rare versions of some fairly common low(er) level items. For example add fairly common, rare, extremely rare, and stupidly extremely rare variation of a raider/thug armor; you dont even need to do too much work i think, just add more fluff to the items raiders/thugs already use, you know like add furs, are more padding details etc. Im talking items that arent too OP (they have like 5 or 10 more armor) but add a metric shit ton of esthetic awesomeness, epic coolness, and RPG value to a single brother after a battle. You know how you have that event that can give you a 2 handed sword early on? Thats a great example of what you guys should do on a grander scale. That 2 handed sword isnt really anything super special, but its something you wont be able to get for at least some hours into the game; yet you get lucky, trigger that event, and BOOM you just have essentially military grade weapon that turns one of your bros into potential massive damage dealer, and it may even have impact on your whole party composition and battle tactics.

^thats what i absolutely adore in this game.

If i had my own way id have you work on items and items alone for like a month or something, until we have unique version of vast majority of items, even the lowest tiers ones. :D