Reply To: Skeleton Archers Shouldn't Pretend to Retreat

Avatar photoNed Stark

Wait, what? I fought skeleton bowmen just today… a few hours ago. They made a pincushion of my pikeman.

There was a quest where I followed up with the dead appearing at a graveyard, finding a purple cloth, bringing it to the quest giver, then being asked to cleanse the hall of the Necromancer that was responsible for all this (and that that purple cloth belonged to).

Attached is a picture of part of this questline, and my log.

Sidenote: I was referencing that the Mongols might attack, pretend to retreat, then blow their pursuing enemies to pieces with the combined power of their superior maneuverability and their bows, once their enemies left their positions. This tactic of retreating then regrouping was effective, if I remember correctly, as it was very disgraceful during this time to retreat, and no army wanted to do it.

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