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do you apply a hue changer to some items (shields and armour), or are they individually textured?

Hey dude,
we actually use a hue changer for many assets ingame. On top of that we also change saturation and brightness on a lot of assets: Vegetation, skin color, hair color, armor and weapons used by wiedergangers (so they look older) etc.
In general the changes have to be subtle though, otherwise it looks very artificial and “colored”.

At the beginning of the project we used the hue changer for hoods and hats, but it just looked bad to be honest.
Heres an example of what happens when you try to really change the color on an item by just pulling some sliders or putting a layer on top. These examples could be more refined, but basically this is what you get.
Another issue can be the inventory spam if you have each item in 10+ color variations. There would probably be a solution to this, but this would take time again.


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