Reply To: Beta 22.02.17 feedback

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Is it just me or are:

1.) Ranged enemies MUCH more accurate, even at night (its like they made crossbows and bows? more accurate, and more accurate during the night, my people are getting hit all over the place);

2.) The amount of injuries is insane; i cant make any money because after every battle i need to heal at least like 3 wounds. Ranged in particular are notorious for inflicting injuries, my friking archers cant go through one battle without being crippled by enemy archers…

At day 80 so far and lost 5 brothers. 1 died to Hoggart, 1 died to a bandit archer in the early game, 3 died to mass crossbow shots from noble house armies (endgame crisis is the noble house war). I’d wager most of the damage my party has taken in the entire game has been from archers, despite my entire party using sword/kite shields. They seem insanely strong right now and I can’t figure out how I’m supposed to counter them. I think what’s happening is the archers aren’t actually hitting the brother they target but instead are hitting brothers standing next to or in front of them with extreme accuracy. I’ve noticed myself, when using javelins, that I hit neighboring enemies more often than I actually hit the enemy I target. I almost always throw my javelins at enemy billmen and others without shields, but usually my javelins miss to the side and hit the guy with the kite shield using shieldwall anyways. I think the problem is that the accuracy of the shot is only calculated for the person you’re aiming at, and if it misses (or it gets blocked by someone in front) it has a chance to just automatically hit the person. The ranged defense from holding a kite shield doesn’t seem to matter if you’re not the actual target of the shot so it just ignores your ranged defense and hits you automatically if you’re standing next to or in front of the actual target and the shot misses. Couple this perhaps with increased crossbow accuracy, the heavy crossbow which can one-shot your guys through 300 armor helmets, and the enemy noble armies having like 2-3 of these heavy crossbows + another 2-3 light crossbows that all wait till the end of their turns so they shoot you twice in a row without you being able to move and while standing far enough away that even your archers can’t hit them and there’s basically nothing you can do to avoid getting rinsed.