Reply To: Headhunter seems like an absolutely worthless perk?

Avatar photoLasseFin

I guess Glyph’s right in saying that the relative benefit of the perk decreases as the base headshot chance increases. It’s sort of like diminishing returns.

Yeah I’m specifically speaking of relative worth here. The higher your base chance, the higher the bonus from the body shots are “waster” by a shot that would have already hit the head, and the lower chance of you picking up a stack to begin with.

It may become more valuable, because those last few points offer the all important factor of reliability, but the chance of any individual stack mattering is reduced.

I worked out a bunch of numbers and my math might be wrong, but it looks like if you’ve got a head shot focused build it gives you an average of 3% damage to take the perk? Of course, if you’re building an offense focused build, like with ranged characters, I suppose even 3% might find a place in your perk tree at higher levels.

Would be nice if it was a bit better though – a flat 10% bonus would be much better than we have now.

Yeah, a flat 10% is slightly better than what it is right now.