Reply To: Fatigue mechanics. Bug or feature?

Avatar photoRusBear

I do not like discussion in the internet, and the topic is not about this, but the situation is such that we have little time left to change anything, so I will answer.
If you are even slightly understand the game mechanics, you had to understand that criticism is not about moral mechanics as a whole, but how it has been done. For several reasons:
We still do not have any information how it works.
This mechanic notorious opposed to the player cuz the numbers of enemy more then 12 most of the game.
No dependencies(or at least we again have no info about it) between the level of your brothers and this checks.
This is another RNG element in the game which is already too RNG.
The new mechanic forces you to up resolve and make sergant in the team, but game should only to give the possibility

So this criticism is not in the plane “like or not” (You can like anything) but in the plane of objective facts