Reply To: Improving some lackluster perks

Avatar photonope100500

1. FA is weak for veterans with good skills, but really dangerous when used against player. So buffing has serious trade-offs.
2. Adrenaline. I see it as quite powerful under right circumstances. Like hunting Geists or double attacking Necrosavants. But usually don’t take it as too fatigue expensive. So maybe.
3. Recovery is expensive for what it does, but is still a very powerful perk, as there are no alternatives for fatigue restoration. I doubt it needs to be even better.
4. Executioner – never use it. But almost any enemy capable of sustaining a wound, would have one by 33%. So what you propose is actually a nerf.
5. Head Hunter – flat bonus would be more predictable overall, but current model allows you to prioritize where do you want to have better probability o headshot. Not using it either way, so I guess buff is in order. Then again – enemies using this would be terrifying, at least without Steel Brow.
6. Gifted – what you propose is god perk. I mean sure, with introduction of veteran levels and removal of +1 rolls gifted has become pretty bad perk. But you don’t have to buff it that sky-high.
7. Rally – in .24 changes
8. Polearm Mastery – polearms themselves are awesome, it’s only mastery that is bad. Because special attacks are so useless. But I’d say fix has to start with these attacks and then take a second look at mastery.
9. Throwing Mastery – unless you make it some sort of god perk, it won’t be enough. Because thrown weapons are just that bad. The basic math of having 3 stat-ups per level prevents existence of good first line melee-thrown hybrids. BUT enemies use tons of them, so one has to be cautious about buffs.
10. Lone wolf – +15% stats is a strong bonus, but it doesn’t compensate getting gang-banged by half enemy army. Maybe there is some tactics for using that i can’t quite wrap my head around.
11. Nimble – yep, needs better explanation. Though tooltip on effect after you take it is more informative.