Reply To: Improving some lackluster perks

Avatar photoFerqal

Resetting bonuses are useful because they’re so high and because the volume of attacks are high. Headhunter and Fast Adaption in combination makes for a murderous archer. Without resetting, the bonuses would be too good – and since you’ll likely only need 1 or 2 hits to gruesomely down your target, the bonus resetting isn’t a problem. And Executioner is very, very good. Stack it with crippling strikes and you can use a spear with high innate precision as a debuff inflictor.

Gifted does feel a bit strange. +[Random] stats is… +3-5 to a single line of stats, but then it does it to all of them and it turns out the bonus is in line with what’s given by other perks. Shield Expert gives 25% to shields, with is +3 to +4 defense anyway, so it’s actually in line with Gifted. The weirdest thing about Gifted is that its a single use replacement for other perks (shield expert, anticipation, fast adaption).

I too woul prefer if it was more of a long term thing, maybe adding a star on a chosen characteristic now that that mechanic exists.

Playing around a little, you can get some really wonky battle brothers if you combine together bright, gifted, lonewolf, dodge and underdog, simply because the stacking attributes rack up so high.