Reply To: Improving some lackluster perks

Avatar photoHuman Warlord

Well with this new nimble perk and lone wolf perks i trying to ressurect old fashioned one handed swordmaster.
So i belive now nimble works like that- if it shows that you have 50% to try dodging the same attack you can count this just if it were +50% to your defence stats, am i right?

And i have question about anticipation perk, i dont really sure how it works, i do use it on all my archers but can someone show me how much actual defence i have with this perk?
Well i belive formula is like this-
Brother have 30 range def and anticipation perk.
Target is 6 tiles away, so my brother will have 30def + 6/60% = 50(kinda) so my brother with 30 range def will have 50def with working perk and if the target will be atleast 6 tiles away is this right?