Reply To: Thoughts and Critiques after more than 100 hours.

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Particularly with hiring of your Mercenaries, the player should be able to see what traits are on a specific character before hiring, if not all *at least* one. Hell, if you need to make it cost gold and call it an Interview.

I agree with this. I’ve seen some people in this forum come up with similar ideas so it would seem a common issue. I’d also like to have a means to check for some of those stats. The thing with the price is that usually mercs cost more depending on their gear, and so if you are looking for talent you are also paying for potentially useless or outclassed equipment.

Leading into this the UI needs some tweaking in battles. As frequent tactical combat game player, having all the information available to you at all times is key. … there really needs to be a side bar showing my mercenary’s armor values, HP, morale, and status affects. … it would be helpful to know what a broken arm does Vs. a punctured shoulder when I injure enemies.

I have to agree with you also on this. I understand that too much info in plain sight actually gamifies a fairly enjoyable artistic experience, but not knowing what abilities and status actually do can ruin your game quickly.

Questing / Loot. Sometimes there’s a lot of wordy text that doesn’t explicitly state what you’re doing, leading me to just accept the terms and read the bullet points to see what I’m actually supposed to do before finally accepting or rejecting the contract.

This. I generally like the writing in the game since its quite flavourful, but sometimes it seems that my employers are reluctant to give me the most important bit of information. Maybe some bold text emphasising the real deal or direct mentions of the problem. Sometimes I wish for a plain: Orcs. Southwest. 2000 if killed.

Really what I want is a way to track rumors without having to just remember what the innkeeper said. Overall the rumor system is kinda a weird way of gambling in which you just spend 22 gold over and over again until you hear something good. But when you hear something good, there should be some sort of journal, log, or marking on your map of at least the general vicinity of where you’re looking. This is particularly needed when hunting down Famed items.

This has also been suggested and it seems to be both a good quality of life improvement and a flavorful addition. I would do the writing down myself but time is limited.

Speaking of Famed items. They’re awesome have amazing artwork and are a fun addition to the game making your brothers stand out, but holy shit are the drop rates atrocious. Even if the drop rate isn’t altered, that ambition needs to be reworked so that it is a set of quests where you track rumors and find those famed items as a guarantee, even if they’re low level, because god knows how much longer I will spend chasing a Helmet.

Right now I’ve played 110 days in one save and 93 days in another save, and haven’t been able to see any of them. I know they exist and people speak of them in whispers and reverence, but most of my men think they are just myths.