Reply To: Beta 22.02.17 feedback

Avatar photoHuman Warlord

Yeah the part about world difficulty level scaling is totally wrong. Its unfair, what sense in reputation if it just make guests harder but cost the same? This is absolutely unfair. If i want challenge i just go in orks lands or sloughter some nobles. But if my party got wiped and i have just few newbies, but even the one skull quests become as hard as three early game quest, this is over.
If you want raze difficulty make more quest with more skulls but dont scale the world itself, or make less contracts. Or if we killed to much brigands/greenskins then there will be no one to raid settlements and then it will be no work.
Actually in logical world 20 mercenaries cant kill all but they always can take more hurder contracts so reputation must not change the difficulty for free but simply create contracts with more skulls, why only three? make like four and more difficulty levels.