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That roman-esk suit is super bloody cool though, how long does an armour set like that take Paul?

Including search for reference etc around 2-3 workdays.

Will new faces be added?

I think the existing ones have to suffice for launch. In a perfect world I would just add more of everything.

What happened to the mercenary women?

We had a lot of internal discussion on that. We still think it would add a lot to the game, but as you all know we are working on a very tight schedule. Apart from graphical assets and audio recordings we have a problem with all the quest and event texts in the game. Most of them are randomly generated and refer to certain persons of your party. If we had female mercs we would have to go through all of the text (more than 200 000 words) and assure that everything works for male and female persons and provide different variations of the same text for each gender.
Thats a lot of work we cant spend right now unfortunately.

What happened on the battlefields in the camps

As you know i already spent some work on that and for me personally its the only thing I really regret not getting into the game in time.
There are two big issues with combat objects. First its the depiction of multi-tile objects which is something our engine is not capable of without some veryt tricky and time consuming workarounds.
Secondly think about how tedious fights in the forests already are. A graveyard with lots of tombstones would basicaly become a maze to navigate und take away from the fluid combat experience of an open field.

Apart from these issues we would totally love to have these combat objects, but just did not have the time to do so.

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