Reply To: Beta 22.02.17 feedback

Avatar photole_souriceau

Yep, stressful. Ironicly with current balance more fame (as you may think good for mercs) =/= better. Nothing so profitable comes from it, only troubles. Avoiding rising it (or slowing process down) is viable tactic for more safer difficulty curve.

Anyway, no matter what you doing (if playing on vet) one day game slams you with mostly impossible fights (30 +, even 40 + elite tier enemies), witch can only be “scummed” with save-loads or cheap “kill 5 guys – retreat – repeat”.

Currently there is achievment about black monolith — no matter difficulty, it has 47 ancient undeads (7 necrosavants, 3 priests, rest hounour guard/legioniers). Anyone won it with one battle? How?