Reply To: Additional weapons and backrounds

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Well it does basically translate to murder-axe :P

Pole weapons in general were just devastating – there’s a reason why swords were meant as side-arms. So many good ones that could be implemented:
Winged Spear
Spetum (13th century, so just on the edge)

As for other weapons:
Recurve bow
Viking sword – precursor to arming sword
Francisca – throwing axe
Danish axe
Falchions – might be in the game already? Don’t remember precisely.

I think that one wouldnt bee too far out to be implemented. The Billhook or the one handed warhammer are also a bit out of era and they are in game anyways.
So basically we implement what we want, call it “artistic freedom” :)
First I’d like to stuff some gaps in the weapon range we have. Some more low power weaons like pitchforks, wooden flails, woodcutter axes and so forth. It would also add a lot of style if more recruits would bring their own, specific items just like the witchhunter with his hat.

The afformentioned sling would fit as a peasant weapon, being simple to make and scaling up to military grade versions. The quarterstaff is also something that someone who’s just starting out might have, being both versatile and simple to make compared to swords and such. More powerful versions could be reinforced and of better quality wood. Improvised weapons based on farming tools are also a good source, like the afforementioned pitchforks or sickles. You also have stuff like the cudgel or reinforced versions of weapons that can serve as an inbetween step (like a reinforced club between the club and mace).
Then there’s craftsmen bringing their own tools: like a blacksmith bringing a hammer or chisel, a tanner bringing a knife, a fisher bringing a net or fish spear, butcher with a cleaver, a miner with a pickaxe. Lots of those should make for great, relatively low-power weapons while being specifically related to the background of the recruit.