Reply To: NPC Collateral Damage Abuse?

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Got a mail shirt drop from a merc party that I ran some direwolves into last night; I’ll try to reproduce the case tonight and submit a bug report if I can reproduce it.

I can confirm this. *EDIT: It was supposedly fixed quite a few patches ago, right? not recently?* I got a mail hauberk once from a battle between mercs and raiders. In my case, I went to attack them when they were 10 raiders vs 9 or so mercenaries. By the time I joined the fight it was down to 9 mercs vs 6 raiders. I figured the mercs would make quick work of the raiders so I decided to just skip through the fight because I figured in the best case my guys will get one or two kills and thats it.
One of the mercs died eventually. At the end I got this fully repaired mail hauberk – which seems a little weird. It should be damaged, right? Maybe that is because I never actually joined the fight and all opponents/allies stayed hidden?

Anyways, I think this should be fixed. Usually, getting decent free armor from enemies is risky. Like daggering a hedge knight or bandit leader.
Getting that dagger kill on a Hedge Knight in 300/300 armor +2h weapon and saving ~15k crowns is one of the most satisfying and thrilling things in the game.
Much like a 3s airtime midair in tribes :)