Reply To: Revised Dodge too powerful?

Avatar photoWargasm

Yeah. Anticipation becomes more powerful the higher the base ranged defence already is. Obviously its effect would be negligible if the base ranged defence was negligible. But if it’s at least ~10 then (combined with a Dodge bonus) it noticeably lowers the incidence of arrow wounds, and if it’s 20+ then it has a notable impact on its own.

If the character started with fairly high initiative, you don’t necessarily need to level-up initiative that much to sustain a decent Dodge bonus, especially since ranged fighters tend to be relatively lightly armed. If they are in heavier armour, the Brawny perk will bump initiative back up. Obviously I always level-up ranged attack when it’s high, and I do the same for ranged defence as well. Other than that, I tend to take whatever has a high roll or whatever’s currently the weakest point. Initiative is useful, since it means you get to shoot first at in-range enemies and can use the Overwhelm perk on them. More max fatigue can be good for using more quick shots and the Berserk perk once accuracy is high, although the fatigue efficiency that comes from weapon mastery means that you don’t necessarily need that much max fatigue (even if you do go berserk every other round). Melee attack is good for using backline weapons against enemies that can’t be damaged much with bows. Melee defence is handy for when orc warriors push their way into the backline. Hit points are good for not getting injured if you are hit. More resolve means you’re more likely to attain confident morale and get +10% ranged skill at the first positive morale check.