Reply To: Necrosavant Rework Needed

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I have an idea (…)

Oh, that’s hilarious! My poor sides.

Necros currently have:
– best mobility in the game… twice each turn
– ignoring zones of control
– high initiative
– high HP
– HP regen
– Nine Lives
– high attack skill
– high defence skill
– weapon that is good against HP, good against armor and applies a strong stacking bleed
– probably the best AI in the game
– come in numbers and (usually) with support of other undead
– are likely to shrug off both stuns (hi def) and nets (cut free in first move, escape in second), the only two things that could be remotely considered their weakness
– did I mention a frigging teleport… TWICE each turn?

Do kindly elaborate how removing just some of those is akin to nerfing them to the ground, especially in comparison to other end-game threats that don’t have half if their advantages. I’m tingling with anticipation!

Why your bro shouldn’t get some vampiric powers

Because a) BB is a low-power, low-fantasy world with straight usage of actual magic restricted to select few enemies and b) if it’s not weak enough to be completely meaningless I can already name 3 builds off the top of my head that would make it completely broken

The only thing I agree on is that they give better rewards, and that’s not a counter to the previous arguments.