Reply To: My ideas. (Sorry for my English)

Avatar photoMaximus

It’s me again, my bad English and my good pictures! I was waiting for the last update to see how the game changed. I have some disappointments. And new ideas for improving the game!

I sometimes get the feeling that the developers, through an uncomfortable interface, want to show us the whole burden of the life of a medieval mercenary. (A joke, but I really think the interface of the game is very uncomfortable).

To previous ideas, I add my new ones! Players, give me feedback, do you agree with my ideas?

1. I find the harbor screen uncomfortable. In order to know where I can go I need: Close the harbor window => Close the city window => Dismount the map to the maximum => Examine => Open the city window => Open the harbor window. Lots of action!

I propose to enter a mini map directly into the harbor window. This map graphically shows the places where I can sail. All very clearly and conveniently.

2. To the previous idea. Also, I suggest adding a map button to the contracts.

Not all contracts will support this button. Only such contracts that can accurately indicate the final location. For example, deliver cargo. Having looked at the map, it is easy to understand whether to go far or near without unnecessary actions.

Also, contracts that support such a button must necessarily include contracts with the caravan. And the map will mark the way on the road, so it was clear how far along the road to go (in fact caravans go only on the roads). Perhaps even need to specify the length of the road.

When we conclude a contract for the destruction of the undead in a cemetery or the destruction of a bandit base, we do not see how far the final destination is. The final point of the contract is obtained only after we have accepted the contract. And the end point can be very, very far. (I have a question in such cases: how can a very remote cemetery affect this village?) Let there is a button with a map for such contracts!

3.Inventory of the group. We all know the inventory of the band. When I’m in the inventory of a group, I have a question: Why do not I see my money, instruments, medical preparations in the things of the ALL GROUP? Why should I close the group window and on the general map only see it all? I think this is very not logical and uncomfortable!

4. Additional things. Bandages, antidote, dogs, falcons. You can find them in the inventory of the group and drag them into the pocket of the mercenary. But, I propose to make it more convenient. I propose to make a button with an opening list instead of a mercenary pocket. Clicking on the button, we can see that we have at the moment and the number of dogs, bandages, antidotes and falcons.

5. Comparison of subjects. We found a new thing (or bought a new thing). Is this ax better than the one the mercenary wears? It’s embarrassing to put the cursor on things to compare them! I suggest to enter a comparison of objects on the shift button. Compare the thing imposed on the mercenary and the thing under the cursor.

6.Double speed. This is good and bad. Will explain. We go fast in the area, but enemies also go twice as fast! The sound signal when an enemy is detected is good. But I do not have time to press a pause before the collision with the enemy, because everything goes quickly! I propose to make an option that puts the game on a pause when we see the enemy. I want to have time to react!

7. Add a confirmation window for the purchase of a mercenary. Maybe I think for a long time. Maybe I pressed the button hard. Sometimes I buy two mercenaries instead of one! I do not need it! Add a confirmation window for buying a mercenary so I do not buy an extra mercenary. There is so little money to buy what is not needed.

These are all the ideas that I remembered, but I think there will be new ideas. I hope for a feedback! Thank you!